5 Reasons Why Video Ads Are Best For Your Business

Video ads are increasingly becoming a popular way of communicating with audiences. With the advent of increasingly low-cost handsets and internet permeability across the country, video consumption is going to increase even further. Brands that have recognized the potential of videos have already joined the bandwagon of making creative videos subtly promoting their brand. 

So, if you haven’t yet tapped into video ads, here are 5 reasons why you should not wait anymore. 

1. Video consumption is booming  

Video consumption has been growing at an astronomical rate giving the advances in technology over the last 2 decades. Social media platforms are filled with more videos than any other form of content. Moreover, millennials prefer watching a video on YouTube about a product review or a product description more than any written content or articles about the same. 

2. Fast-moving content

Video Ads are more suitable for a generation that isn’t used to waiting for too long to get the message or information from the video they are watching. With attention spans dropping lower and lower, it is imperative to adapt to videos for advertising since it helps engage with your audience much better. Through videos, you can also cover a lot of content in quick time with eye-catching visuals. 

3. Sell a story 

All of us love stories, and the same goes for your advertising as well. Brands that can communicate the story behind their venture will be able to connect with the audiences better. A short video showing behind the scenes of your business or an anecdote featuring the people behind the product will portray the humane side of your business. The values, beliefs that your brand stands for matters a lot. Thus, it is crucial that while selling a dream, you reflect your brand’s image. 

4. Video ads have a better reach 

Video ads have a huge potential to reach out to a wide audience base. If you manage to create content that’s funny, creative, and informative, it can go viral, thereby having a huge impact on your brand’s popularity. The classic Fevicol Ad popularly called the ‘Sofa ad’ did great wonders for the brand. Within minutes it trended on Twitter and other social media platforms, helping the brand reach out to a large audience base that was otherwise impossible had it stuck with the same age-old formula of advertising.

5. Video Ads boost sales

Video ads boost your sales big time. Ever wondered why online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, or a brand’s website feature videos? Video featuring their product on the site helps the audience take that purchase decision. Videos are the closest brands can get online as far as personal-connect with the buyer is concerned. Videos have given leverage to online marketplaces, helping them cover up the shortcomings with the brick-and-mortar sellers a bit when it comes to seeing & feeling the product. 

So, don’t be left behind! Start your video journey today.

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