7 Marketing Tips That You Simply Shouldn’t Ignore

Marketing is both an art and science. Effective marketing results need you to think on your feet and have a go-to strategy. A one size fits all is something which will never work for marketing campaigns. So, let us go through a few tips that you should never miss out on if you want to succeed in your campaigns. 

1. Nothing like selling a story

Your brand is not purely about the product. It is more about forging emotional connections with your audience and that too in not more than a few minutes. Gone are the days when we manufacture products and expect customers to flock to us in large numbers. To reach out to your prospective customers, you need to weave an authentic positive story around your brand that espouses your brand values and subtly promotes it.

2. You brand logo should speak for itself

Great stories begin with a great brand logo. Your logo will be the main protagonist in your business story. Ever wondered why brands don’t change their brand logo. It is for the very reason that customers associate your business with the logo over the years. An Apple or an Audi doesn’t need to speak about their business name anymore in their marketing. Their brand logo does it for them.  

3. Never cut back on marketing costs

While it might only seem natural to you to cut short your spending on marketing and save costs in times like this. But it is one of the biggest mistakes that could push your brand into oblivion. The recent campaign by Lays, where they tapped into co-branding by engaging with more than 20 brands to thank the unsung heroes in this pandemic, was a real gamechanger. 

4. Realize the true potential of social media 

Social media is the least expensive yet the most direct way to reach out to your potential clients directly. Gone are the days when you can rely on print and Tv ads to promote your offerings. Brands that maintain a great social media presence can do wonders as far as portraying a more humane side of your business is concerned. 

5. The future is the smartphone 

Smartphones are here to stay, and after the latest strategic deal between Jio and Google, it is about time the entire subcontinent reaps the benefit of better internet connective and affordable handsets. Thus, if you wish to tap into the aspiring rural and semi-urban customers from tier 1 and 2 cities, you will need to adapt to a much better mobile experience for your consumers. 

6. Know your customer 

Unless you know who you are catering to, how can you customize your offerings? In this digital age, it has become a cakewalk to slice and dice the data and segment your customers effectively. 

7. Build long term relationships

You need to reach out to your existing customers through offers, discounts, subscriptions, etc. so that they are not left out. Remember, your existing customers are your biggest brand ambassadors. So, don’t lose them.

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