Paytm Takes On Google With Its New Mini App Store

It was a shock to people when Paytm was expelled from the Google Play Store for gambling policy violations. Paytm alleged that it was a trick move made by Google to make brands comply with their biased Play Store policies that are here to artificially make Google a dominant player in the search engine market forever.

The Paytm app was eventually restored on the Play Store by Google after a few hours. But to make their stance clear on this issue, Paytm brought back their all-time famous contest, the Paytm Cricket League with awards of scratch cards and UPI cashback. Paytm has assured that the cashback was being offered in accordance with all rules and regulations put forth by the government.

Paytm took the removal move as a challenge and whipped up their own app store, Paytm Mini App Store to support Indian based developers. They are planning to make it a solid platform to help Indian made apps reach the masses.

Mini App Store is a custom-made mobile website that offers an app-like feel and experience without the need to download them. Currently, it is running in the beta version with limited users and has garnered nearly 12 million visits in just September. This dream project provides a solid digital infrastructure that small businesses and developers to develop budget-friendly, easy to build mini-apps that can be created using javascript and HTML technologies.

Paytm has planned this as an extension to the “Atmanirbhar Bharat” mission. By using the Paytm Mini App Store, users can now get the opportunity to discover, browse, and pay without the necessity of downloading or installing separate apps.

Paytm is planning to distribute these mini-apps for free, and the developers are given a wide choice for payments ranging from Paytm Wallet to UPI to Cards to their customers. To date, nearly 300 app-based service providers like Domino’s Pizza, Decathlon, Park+, Ola, 1MG, Netmeds, Rapido, NoBroker, and FreshMenu have joined the Mini App Store.

Will Paytm Mini App Store be able to surpass Google in this cold war? Time will only tell!

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