How Social Media Influencers Can Shape The Perception Of The Brand?

There has been a tremendous increase in social media influencers appearing across various social media platforms over the last few years. We live in an era where social media influencers are the new celebrities having a strong influence over the millennials. 

The rise of influencers meant that it is easier and cost-effective for brands to simply reach out to a specific set of audiences through influencers. Their voice has more traction than your paid advertising can ever garner for you. 

1. Choose Engagement Overreach 

When it comes to influencers, huge numbers don’t necessarily mean better. A recent study has found that as total reach grows, engagement rates decline implying going with the numbers can be a blunder. Thus, don’t go with whoever has the largest number of followers since they are more likely to promote products or brands on a more regular basis thereby eroding the trust factor a bit as followers are constantly flooded with sponsored content. This also impacts the authenticity of the person and also lowers the value of the content and brand message being shared. Your primary focus, therefore, should be on selecting an influencer whose values align with those of your brand. 

2. Trust & Authenticity

Influencer marketing thrives on an already established trust factor. The user trusts the influencer when he vouches for a brand helping you overcome the biggest hurdle in the sales funnels called trust-building. Many influencers share more of their private and everyday life helping create a more personal connection with the audience. Users are better able to relate to them delivering a personalized feeling. It is very important for you as a brand to do your research and ensure that you are selecting an influencer who has a clear edge over others in the area you are approaching him with.   

3. Image

An influencer’s image can shape the perception of a brand. Influencers can be authentic with a loyal following, but you must check if it goes with the brand values that you stand for. The visual appeal of the profile despite being an important contributing factor should not be the sole reason to tie up with them. In the world filters and photo editing apps there tends to be an attractiveness bias. Humans naturally link themselves with positive associations like those which have a visual appeal. Influencer marketing is all about transferring these positive associations to brands. 

You must vet the person who you are going to partner with for promotions based on the above 3 critical factors to check if he or she aligns with the overall brand image that you are striving to create. 

Influencers marketing is thus a great way to raise brand awareness and boost conversions. Using a mix of the above three factors you should work together a strategy to leverage influencers in your marketing campaigns going ahead.

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