The Story Behind The Ridiculously Amazing Fashion Tech Startup – HILO Design

In today’s digital era, interesting things are happening in the fashion startup sphere. Technology is opening up new doors to destinations that, just a few years ago, were unavailable to the retailers. This has motivated more and more entrepreneurs to launch cutting edge new startups at the intersection of fashion and technology. But launching a thriving fashion-tech start-up isn’t simple. This didn’t stop Sahith Gummadi, Co-Founder & CEO of HILO Design.

Sahith started his career in Paytm and he used the knowledge he gained here to start his own venture HILO Designs. He understood the preference people have over customized clothing as not all dresses suit everyone. People today love to shop often for clothes, but they are stuck in choosing the perfect ones for them. He understood this gap and wanted to do something to bridge this. That’s why he started HILO Designs.

HILO Designs, which was started in the year 2018 is the brainchild of Sahith Gummadi and his sibling, Mouna Gummadi. This luxury brand provides personalized designs for people who are looking for a complete wardrobe makeover. It is perfect for people who are bored with their normal cloth collections. It has been a hit since its launch among the Millenials as the sites offer a hassle-free shopping experience.

But the success involves a lot of brainstorming and experimentation by the duo. They left no stone unturned to make their business a hit. Sahith is a marketing ninja and Mouna is a spectacular fashion designer and they combined their knowledge to make their business a super duper hit among the retail audience. Their clear understanding of what the audience exactly wants is the main reason why HILO Designs is thriving even though retail is a highly competitive market.

Sahith’s entrepreneurial journey is a great motivation for budding entrepreneurs who want to start a business that solves the issues that the general masses face. His motto for building a thriving business is very simple – Know what is the problem and find the solution to it. This is what made HILO Design succeed in such a short span of time.

Moreover, he attributes the bond he has with his sibling as the reasons for a successful business as it takes complete trust, loyalty, and belief to jump head-on into a business on a partnership basis. Without that, it is impossible to taste success in the startup world.
His story has several useful insights, which will surely motivate anyone who aspires to become a successful entrepreneur one day.

P.S. Want to know his complete entrepreneurial journey? Watch his interview on Business Boss in this link!

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