YouTube Launches A New “Analytics For Artists” Feature!

YouTube has rolled out a new feature called “analytics for artists”, which gives the artists an overview of viewers, global reach, and performance on the platform. This feature is exclusively launched for artists on YouTube, to assess their global reach.

During this lockdown, the usage of YouTube is increasing day by day, especially users who started to watch more music content when compared to the usual days before the lockdown period. This new feature of YouTube allows artists to track such activity.

The analytics for artists feature allows the artists on YouTube to learn how their fans engage with their music in their respective channels or any other place. This feature can be found in the YouTube studio with many other features that are also available on the dashboard.

You can find a tool called “total reach”, which allows the artists and their teams to view how their videos reach the audiences in the most comprehensive way possible across the entire platform. It includes videos uploaded to the artist’s official channel, videos created, and shared by their fans, which contains the song recordings. There is also a “song detail” feature which enables the artists to see all the videos created for a specific song and contains most of the song recordings.

According to YouTube, on average, the top 1,000 artists on the platform get over 20% of their chart eligible views from videos created by users. Also, the YouTube production manager Chris Clark added that they want to build something which is super comprehensive, but also actionable given that artists do have their own channel.

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  • Yeah!! Now a days analytics is being a most important factor in business. And also helps to give accurate insights about it..

  • It will be very useful &helpful. Analytics gives you access to truckloads of data about your customers and your brand’s online presence.By making sense of this data, you can make more informed decisions and improve your marketing efforts.

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