9 SEO Mistakes To Avoid To Rank Well

SEO is a key aspect which many of us ignore leading to unsatisfactory results. Avoid these common SEO mistakes and boost your website ranking!

Creating Responsive Web Design

1. Not having a responsive design 

Responsive design implies that the website should be easy to view on any screen be it mobile or desktop. Google ranks only mobile-optimized sites thus it becomes one of the most crucial SEO mistakes to be avoided. 

Importance of heading Tags in SEO.

2. Ignoring heading tags 

The search engine spiders work out what the page is about using the H1 tags, which is essentially used for the headline or title of the page. Other heading tags like H2, H3, etc. on your pages for different sub-headings are equally important. Ignore them at your peril!

Images slow downs page load time.

 3. Not optimizing the loading time of pages

Lesser your loading time, better your SEO performance. Visitors leave your website if it’s too slow to load and is not mobile-friendly. Google’s Page Speed tools can come in handy to help you make the right decision. 

 4. Overusing pop-ups

Pop-ups can help you to increase sign-ups to your email list, but using too many can be intrusive and affect the user experience. Entry popups that appear before the user has had a chance to explore the content can be one of the reasons for Google to downgrade your website rankings.

 5. Not realizing the potential of alt text

Description of images using alt text will give you a valuable opportunity to show the search engines what your site is about. So, if you have not used it on your website, don’t wait anymore. Do it now!

6. Not providing clear navigation on your website 

Not having clear navigation that allows the user to find what they are looking for quickly can backfire. Search engines take note of the overall user experience while ranking your website. Having five pages for your five different services can be a better solution than having them all on one page. 

7. Having poor external links

Having good quality external links in content is more important than a large number of low quality backlinks. Hence, you must link to relevant, well-ranking websites with solid reputations. Link back to sites that have linked to you, it can bring traffic in the future.

High quality content still matters.

 8. Not investing in quality content

The content should always be relevant to the target keyword. Good content on your website makes others want to link with you. Thus, never compromise on content. Paid social campaigns, keyword-optimized hashtags, and teaming up with micro-influencers could help widen the reach of your content. 

Avoid Keyword stuffing in Modern SEO

9. Using keyword stuffing

Don’t overuse the usage of keywords thinking that it might boost your rankings. Stuffing keywords will hurt your SEO performance. So, use it optimally.  

SEO optimization is not a one-time effort. You must frequently analyze your SEO performance using analytics and various other tools to give a great experience to your customers so that they would want to come back again. 

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